Simple Battle Rows

What does it do?
This scripts adds basic Battle Row functionality.
You can switch rows in menu Formation command by selecting same Actor twice.
Battlers in back row will receive less damage than the ones in the front.
Battlers in back row will receive full damage if front row is wiped.
Battlers attacking from back row will have damage penalty, unless stated in exceptions.

Author: Mr Trivel
Name: Simple Battle Rows
Created: 2014-06-15
Version: 1.2

Terms of Use

Requirements: None

Use <backrow> note tag for enemies to set them in Back Row.
Plug, Customize, Play

<Get Code Here: Link>


7 responses to “Simple Battle Rows

  • Gawain Doell

    Thanks for the script Mr. Trivel. I can finally do Might and Magic’s party arrangements. 🙂

    I found a minor but game breaking bug in it when I was using it this afternoon. I’ve posted details here:

    It’s basically just a small error that checks the wrong variable when comparing weapon ids to the ids in the user editable array. (the pastebin script is checking w.wtype_id instead of when comparing the weapon to the user’s array of “back or front row only weapons”, which isn’t the same as the editor database ids.)


  • GuiltyAxer

    I know it’s a little (just a little, lol) late to ask this but, is it possible in any way to make a skill or a item change the row of an actor ?

    Because this functionnality is on another row scirpt. However, I prefer your script because of the exception you can specify and all that stuff.

    Great work, thanks, and sorry for bad english ‘u’

  • GethN7

    Just to let you know, me and BlackMorning made sure this script is compatible with his Advanced Animated Menu, should anyone wish to use the two together.

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